First, a Quiz:

So, you think youre from  the Pacific Northwest eh? So tell us... what is a Grapple Yarder anyway?  A little stumped are we?

Grapple yarder:

"a machine used in harvesting to bring logs into a landing. The grapple closes like teeth around the log" A Grapple Yarder is one of the hulking machines that made B.C. what it is today. 

Now Grapple Yarder the band, packing all the power and pull of this mechanical behemoth, is coming to a town near you. 


Formed out of the ashes of a band called Inc., two guys named Mac and Al hooked up with two former band mates of Al's in high school, Savage and Will E. Diehard. Started playing together February 1996. Grapple Yarder currently has about 30 songs. 


Split-shift, logger-friendly,  alterno riff rock, driven by punk rock, lubricated by swing. 


Jeff "Savage" - Vocals, guitar
Matt "Will E. Diehard" - Vocals, bass 
Chris "Al" - Guitar, vocals
Craig "Mac" - Drums, tambourine

The CD/Tape - Girls & Gears:

Recorded at Apex Studios by Jonathan  Fluevog and Grapple Yarder in November, 1996. 

The Songs:

1. Champ Logger
2. Chocolate Milk

3. Crown Victoria
4. Gifted 
5. Jim Henson
6. Lunch with Irene
7. Mirage
8. Shark Hunting
9. Still the Blues
10. Sundays and Holidays
11. Yr a Nation 

Chris @ 274 - 3015
Craig @ 734 - 0702 
Matt  @ 618 - 2423

Mailing Address:

3811 Barmond Avenue Richmond, B.C. V7E 1A5

Grapple Yarder live at The Gate, Vancouver Canada, November 1997